Preparing for Pet Transport, Pet Travel and Dog Shipping

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Planning and preparation are important when traveling with family pets. There are dogs and cats that cannot withstand the rigors of any type of travel due to illness, injury, or temperament. If this is the case, discuss with your veterinarian options such as hiring a reliable pet-sitter or housing your pet in a clean, well-managed boarding facility.

For car travel, consider whether or not your pet is comfortable in the vehicle before committing to a long road trip. A car-sick pet is sure to make the trip miserable for everyone. When planning your trip, if you will be staying with friends or family along the way, be considerate and ask them in advance if your pet is welcome. The same applies to choosing hotels, motels, parks, and campgrounds. Always check if pets are allowed or if kennel facilities are available. If a hotel or motel claims to be “pet friendly,” clarify exactly what that means to be sure it will accommodate you and your pet’s needs. If your pet must be left alone in a hotel room, place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door and inform the maid and the front desk. Before leaving home, consider bringing along a portable kennel for use in hotel rooms or the homes of friends or relatives who are not comfortable allowing your pet to roam freely when no one is home.

Whether you travel by car or by plane, be sure your pet is wearing an ID tag and, if possible, also has an imbedded identification microchip. While both should contain accurate contact information, consider not including your pet’s name on its ID tag. How a pet responds to hearing its name used could be helpful in reuniting a lost or stolen pet with its rightful owner. Grooming (bathing, combing, trimming nails) before a trip, plus taking along your pet’s favorite food, toy(s), and dishes will make your pet more comfortable. Carry proof of rabies vaccination and a current health certificate when crossing state or international borders. Finally, keep a printed photograph (a digital copy is also good to have) of your pet with you to assist with identification in case your pet is lost.

Most importantly, before undertaking any trip, consult your veterinarian to ensure that all required vaccinations are up-to-date and to receive a certificate of veterinary inspection within ten days prior to travel by air.

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Dog Transport and Pet Shipping to Australia from Los Angeles

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Pet Travel for Small Dogs, Small Dog Transportation & Shipping

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Our dogs are like our children. We dote on them, want the best for them, and often bring them everywhere with us. However, flying with a small dog can be quite the undertaking! There are ways to prepare your precious pet for flights without the stress.

Preparation: Before you leave, make sure your dog is up-to-date on all his or her shots and medicines. Traveling exposes your pet to different germs, so make sure you’ve taken him or her to the vet before your trip. Get Fluffy treated for fleas, and make sure he’s in tip-top health. Also make sure your pet is the right size to fly – many airlines have a 25 pound limitation for carry-on crates. If you pet needs to diet, find out well in advance.

Pack Appropriately: It’s the little things that mean comfort – for your dog, too. Be sure to pack a favorite coat or blanket if you’re traveling to cooler climates. Bring enough of your pet’s particular brand of food, as toy dogs are sometimes more picky than their larger counterparts. Most importantly – don’t forget to bring a leash. More and more airports have dog-friendly areas, and you won’t want to keep your pet locked in his or her crate simply because you forgot the leash.

Travel Carrier: This is an extremely important purchase. Your pet will be in the crate for long stretches at a time, so make sure it is tall enough for the pooch to stand up in and turn around, but the right size to fit under the airline seats, as well. Include a favorite blanket for comfort, and be sure to acclimate your pet to the carrier well before the trip. Place your pet in it for short stretches, gradually working up to longer and longer periods. Take your dog in the crate on short car trips, and try a practice trip (to a hotel, or a friends’ house) to make sure there won’t be any in-flight freak outs.

In the Air: If you feel comfortable, ask your veterinarian about a light tranquilizer for your pet. If he or she can sleep through the flight, everyone will be happier. Give the tranquilizer a test run before the trip, as some dogs may become sick or more anxious as the drug kicks in. If it works, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.

When Panic Happens: If your pet does become anxious on the flight, begins barking or chewing, do not panic. Your anxiety will only tell your pet that there is something to worry about. Try draping a light coat or blanket over the crate – don’t tuck it in, ensure that air can still flow to your pet. The darkness may be soothing and send him right to sleep. If your dog is disturbing other passengers, ask a flight attendant for help. They may be able to place you in a quieter area – they are there to help, and have probably dealt with this situation before.

Most Important Advice of All!

Above all, do not take your pet out of his or her crate while on board the plane. This will get you and your pet in trouble with the flight crew, and if your dog happens to escape, it will be extremely difficult to find him in the cramped cabin. Wait until you are on the ground and in an approved pet area before letting your pet out on a leash. The airlines will appreciate it, and your pet will too – unfamiliar areas will only frighten your pet more.

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