How to Ship your Dog, Cat or Pet from State to State or Across the Country

How Do I Ship my Pet Dog or Cat from state to state or Across the Country….

Pet Transportation, Pet Relocation and Dog Shipping Across the States and Internationally requires special care. Some destinations have implemented programs of rabies control whereby pet owners have an alternative to the traditional long-term (6 month) quarantine. By meeting prescribed criteria of pre-entry veterinary requirements quarantine periods can be reduced to a minimum of 1 month.

You need to choose an expert, safe and caring pet transport / pet shipping specialist, that specializes in helping pet owners meet the strict requirements of these pet transportation and import programs. We have been in this business for many years and our policy of “zero-tolerance for error” has contributed to our success, and earned us an excellent reputation. You can visit us an for more info.

Shipping, Transporting and/ or Relocating dog, cats and most pets from the US to Foreign Countries and state to state is a complicated process and requires specialized knowledge of import and export documentation, veterinary procedures, timing, airline policies, pet  travel crate requirements, quarantine, boarding accommodation, and proper animal identification.