Cross Country Pet Transportation and Pet Transportation Companies

Shipping your Dog, Cat or Pet cross county or from state to state can be a long process if you are not familiar with all the airline rules and regulations. There are many Pet Transportation Companies to choose from, so choose wisely.

If you want to ship your Dog, Cat or Pet to another state or from state to state & across the country by yourself, here are a few things you need to know:

1. Contact your airline for requirements and restrictions for transporting dogs by plane. American Airlines, for example, has restrictions prohibiting the “snub-nose” breeds such as pugs, Boston terriers, and boxers, which might have trouble breathing at high altitudes or in fluctuating temperatures. And there are a limited number of spaces on a plane for animals.

2. Check the calendar. For airlines that ship pets in the cargo area, traveling in high heat can be extremely dangerous for your dog. This is why Delta Airlines has a standing embargo on pets traveling as checked baggage from May 15 to September 15. Even if your airline allows pets as cargo during the hot summer months, it’s not in your pet’s best interest.

3. Book your pet’s flight as far in advance as possible to ensure that he can travel within the time frame you need.

4. Visit the vet. According to the American Kennel Club, or AKC, “Certification of health must be provided no more than 10 days before travel. Rabies and vaccination certificates are also required.”

5. Walk your pet before traveling to the airport and before checking him into the flight’s cargo. To avoid accidents and keep your dog comfortable, limit food and water intake before the flight.

6. Arrange for quick pickup at the destination so your dog spends as little time as possible in the cargo holding area


Cat Shipping Services and Cat Shipping info

If you are thinking about shipping your cat across the country or internationally, it’s best to use a professional Pet Shipping Service such as Animal Transporters or Pet Shipping Los Angeles . If you are going to attemp this on your own, here are some suggestions and tips to help you with this process.

Make sure your cat’s papers are up-to-date days in advance of shipping. Check with your vet to find out any extra precautions or advice that you need before shipment time. The vet will also make sure that your animal’s rabies shots are current. This is also a good time to ask about possible sedation for the animal during its trip.

Use an adequate cage for your cat. Your cat should be able to get up and turn around in the enclosure. Make sure the carrier is rigid enough to sustain a fall or collision with other baggage without collapsing on your cat. It’s a good idea to write down your contact information on the cage, just to be on the safe side.

Place a collar on the cat, with the correct tags , and remember to mark your kennel with your information (contact info. and destination address/phone number).

Be sure the driver knows any special medication your cat takes, as well as the type of diet, water and exercise schedule that your cat is used to. Be sure to give extra food and medication to the driver, in case their trip takes longer than expected due to weather, traffic, mechanical problems, etc.

 Send toys, towels, blankets, or other things that your cat loves to play with and makes them feel at home. If air shipment is required, be aware that animals traveling alone as cargo (when a passenger ticket has not been purchased) may not be traveling on a passenger plane. In these circumstances, if it is too hot or too cold the airline may not accept the pet for shipment on that day. Always call ahead to make sure your pet will board, and call again after take off to make sure your pet made it onto the plane.
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Pet Transport and Pet Shipping

A little more info about pet transportation services and pet shipping,
and some things to consider when choosing the right Pet Transport service for your loved ones…

Whether you plan to relocate overseas or embark on a lengthy vacation to one or more foreign countries, you know the importance of packing appropriately and tying up any loose ends at home before you leave. Your passports are secure, mail is forwarded or placed on hold, and any interruption in your children’s schooling is handled to suit everybody. If you own a pet, however, you have two options: you can board at a local kennel or—if it’s necessary that your pup or cat come along—you arrange for special pet transportation.

 While pets are permitted to fly domestically through various airlines, that is not the case with Transatlantic, Transpacific, or Hawaiian flights. To ensure your dog or cat makes it safely to your destination, the services of a pet transportation service are required. As you research possible transporters to carry your beloved family friend on its trip, you no doubt will have questions about care and procedure. To assist in making the right decision for the money you will spend, these suggested questions to ask the services can help.

 1) Do they arrange for transportation from home to the departure airport, and from the arrival airport to the final destination? Find out if you are responsible for bringing your pet when you leave.

 2) Do they sedate pets for the transport? If you are concerned about allergic reactions or other risks, make sure you know beforehand.

 3) Are travel kennels supplied or do you need to bring your own?

 4) Will the company board pets once they arrive at their destination city in the event you are delayed? If so, will it cost extra?

 5) Is the company insured? Is there a pet health specialist on board with the pets in the event of an emergency?

 6) How are the pets shipped? What is the condition of the cargo area?

 7) Do they have a limit on height and weight of pets? If not, does the price rise in accordance to a pet’s height and weight?

 8) Do they provide food for the trip, or do you need to have it ready?

 Once you have your answers, weigh your options and the quotes given you to ship your animals. A lengthy vacation or relocation is an exciting time for the entire family, and it’s important that your four-footed friends safely share in the experience in the capable hands of a pet transportation service like

article by Kathryn Lively
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